Our Story

Our ever-evolving Fidgets range offers something for every age – which is perfect, because if you’re anything like Asha, you never leave the house without a Fidget Toy in hand! They even come to brunch with the family on a Sunday!

It all started when Asha was feeling anxious all the time and it was suggested to her to try a fidget toy. Asha found that they really helped her with her anxiety. At this point, Asha started to get different designs, colours and shapes and make up a big collection. It is so much fun as they are bright and colourful and entertaining, whilst helping with her anxiety. Plus, it gets the kids off of the iPad. 

Digit Fidgets is our family business that has Alanna, the mum, working on product sourcing, marketing and branding, and BIG sister Ava doing what she does best, computer work, fulfilling orders, creating shipping labels, problem solving and Social Media! Haha! Asha regularly checks in with everyone to make sure everything is running smoothly, but her favourite thing to do is helping to choose the new fidgets toys and testing out the new designs. Asha sources stock, messages with suppliers and both of the girls LOVE to pack orders and take them to the post office for tracking and shipping. 

We hope you love Digit Fidgets and you find your own special items that you love. We also hope you have as much fun playing with them as we do finding all the different designs for you.

Happy Fidgeting,

Asha, Ava and Alanna xxx