How we process your NDIS order all depends on how your NDIS funds are managed.

  • Self Managed – you process your own invoice
  • Plan Managed - your invoices are processed by your Plan Manager

In all cases, NDIS orders can only be processed if they have been invoicedPlan managers and the NDIS cannot process quotes.

Regardless of how you are managed, all NDIS orders start in the same way. 

To start your NDIS order simply browse Digit Fidget’s website and add the items you’d like to purchase to your cart. Once you’re ready to checkout, follow the appropriate instructions below.

Self Managed

  • Proceed to the checkout and make your payment using credit card, PayPal or afterpay. A copy of your invoice will be emailed to you so you can then make your claim with the NDIS.

Plan Managed

  • Add all items to your cart
  • Complete billing and shipping information, make sure the name used is the name of the NDIS participant
  • Click on payment method and select NDIS CLIENT 
  • Your Order will be displayed and has been safely saved in our system
  • Email sales@digitfidgets.com.au with your Order number, the participants NDIS number and the email address for submitting invoices to your plan manager
  • We will then process your invoice and submit it to your plan manager on your behalf
  • Payment times will vary depending on your plan manager, your order will typically be shipped within 24 hours of payment being received